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Pro Snow Removal and ice dam removal uses the arctic steamer which provides low pressure steam to get rid of ice dams on your roof and your gutters which doesn’t do any damage to your roof and surrounding areas. Our goal is to get rid of the ice dams with a safe and efficient process without doing any damage to your home. We would first discover the area of the house that has the ice dam and then remove the excess snow with a roof rake. Once the ice dam is discover we would use the arctic steamer to remove the ice dam. If the home has reoccurring ice dams we could install heated cable on the roof and in the gutter system.
A: An ice dam is a build up of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow ( water) from draining off the roof. It can leak into a home and cause damage to walls,ceilings,insulation and other areas.
A: When an ice dam gets big enough melted water will back up and drip into the insulation, down into the ceilings and exterior walls which will lead to extensive damage and mold problems. If the ice dam breaks free, it can pull shingles and gutters off with it also it will damage anything it falls on.
A: Icicles forming from the gutter is usually a good indication that an ice dam has formed. The larger the icicles the bigger the problem. If you notice icicles forming from behind the gutter, that means that ice is forming behind the gutter and pushing your gutters further from the roof. The most obvious is when water is leaking from the ceiling, but by than extensive water damage has been already done. An ice dam may not always be noticeable from the ground, some build up in eves that are hidden from view.
A: The best way to prevent future ice dams is by installing heat cables that run across your roof and into the gutter system. They provide a pathway for the water to flow, preventing build up of ice on your roof. Another method of preventing ice dams would be to clear some of the snow of the roof after each snowfall. Using a roof rake you would clear snow a couple feet up from the edge of the roof
A: There really isn’t any safe way to remove ice dams yourself. There’s all kinds of chemicals and products on the market that are not effective that we would never use or recommend such as; salt or any products containing chloride which are used to melt channels through ice dams. This may cause corrosion or other damage to the gutter system or roof.
A: The best and the safest way to get rid of ice dam is with steam, it melts ice far more quickly than the typical hot-water pressure washers that other companies use. Hot pressure washers use high pressure which can cause damage to your roof and surrounding areas and use 4 gallons a minute of water which can initially cause or further water leakage into your home. We Don’t Use Any Chemicals.